Our Services

We make expert witness consulting an easy task.

We can provide you access to our internal group of vetted medical professionals in the Mid-Atlantic region for case review and medical expert witness services.

Medical Expert Witness Services and Case Review for Attorneys 

The MedCounsels team provides plaintiff and defense lawyers with vital medical expert witness services that cover a broad range of medical fields, including:

Orthopedic Surgery


Pediatric Anesthesiology

Emergency Medicine

Critical Care and Intensive Care Medicine


Neurocritical Care Medicine

We are one of the leading providers of medical expert witness services in the country and provide expert reviews, depositions, and trial testimony to law firms nationwide.

Our experts have all trained at top medical institutions, are all board certified, are widely published in major medical journals, and are all authors in major medical textbooks in their respective fields.

We are a group of committed professionals that prioritize our clients and will provide reliable and timely services.

Please reach out to us for more information. We look forward to working with you.